Why AMR?

Why AMR?
Project Management


We advise global clients in various industries. We are searching for consultants in the area of project management.


Career as a project manager

As project manager, you bear overall responsibility for the achievement of the objectives and deliverables defined in the project order. You establish the project organization and lead the project team. You are the key contact person for the sponsor or program manager. Find out more about the tasks of a project manager.


Our success depends largely on your skill and your commitment. Our clients can benefit from your expertise and our clear principles, such as the highest quality, client orientation and first-class service. We expect a great deal and offer more! We are proud of this promise.


AMR can offer you the following:

Contact us and become a part of our company and our success! recruitment@amrpartner.ch

High-potential employees

If you have successfully managed your career start and already have one or two years of intensive work experience, find more under High-Potential Employees.

Senior consultants       

If you bring many years of experience and are now searching for a new challenge, find more under Consultants

Our training landscape for our consultants:


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