Managed talent pipeline

Managed talent pipeline

Do you notice some shortages in the area of next-generation employees in your environment? In this case we have good news for you: Our customers faced a similar challenge! As a solution we have developed a unique service together with our customers and for our customers: AMR Managed Talent Pipeline (MTP).

Within the MTP framework we recruit and develop ambitious talents, AMR High Potentials, for your company in a professional and tailor-made manner. These talents are first integrated as external employees. After one to two years you can internalize them. This is how AMR High Potentials will become talents of your company.

Who are AMR High Potentials?

AMR High Potentials are proactive consultants in various ICT roles with high implementation skills. They have completed studies at a practice-oriented technical college or university (Bachelor/Master) and gained up to 4 years of practical experience in a challenging environment.

How do you benefit from the AMR Managed Talent Pipeline?

How do you gain your talents with AMR?

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